World Wide Parking Group


Worldwide Parking Group Limited presents an innovative precast concrete car park structure available worldwide under license. The system includes patented design features resulting in very cost effective structures, with a high degree of structural integrity even in seismic areas.

Worldwide Parking Group Ltd is the developer and owner of the intellectual property for the carparking system. Extensive research, development, and prototyping of this system, has led to a mature product, which has been tested under actual construction conditions at the Auckland Airport Domestic Terminal Carpark No.1. and a second four level structure for the same client.

Worldwide Parking Group (NZ) Ltd. is the sole NZ licensee and is currently engaged in construction, negotiation and evaluating of further projects throughout the country.

The system has aroused a great deal of interest among private developers, institutions and local authorities in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, resulting in Worldwide Parking Group licensing the system to Worldwide Parking Group (UK) Ltd. to introduce the system to a number of airport and shopping centre projects in the United Kingdom.

The directors of Worldwide Parking Group offer between them more than ninety years of innovative experience in precast technology, structural engineering, and architecture, and include skills directly related to innovation of design and structure.

Worldwide Parking Group Ltd. is the only organisation worldwide licensing this technology for carpark structures that are suitable for quiet and rapid erection in acoustically sensitive environments. This offering is supported by innovative technology, a robust methodology, and proven track record.