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Why Precast Concrete?


Why Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete offers many benefits compared with structural steel or cast in-situ concrete in the manufacture of Worldwide Parking Group's pre-engineered standardised structures.

The precast pre-stressed technology produces a standard of excellence against which other parking structures are measured.

Life Cycle Costing

Precast pre-stressed concrete parking structures offer a number of economic advantages that give them a particularly attractive life-cycle cost advantage.

Low cost of initial construction coupled with speed of erection, allowing earlier occupation, and low maintenance requirements, are a combination that can not be matched by other construction systems.

Modern concrete mix design minimises cracking, maintenance requirements are minor, there are few components that require regular painting and upkeep, and the cost of looking after the building is small.   This means that modern precast concrete structures will have an almost indefinite lifespan.


Sustainability and sustainable development are terms at risk of over-use, but they are increasingly important as the environmental limits to economic growth become apparent.  

Specifically, the need for environmentally sustainable development refers to two main issues:

•   Finite natural resources are being used and discarded at a rate that the world in general cannot sustain.

•   The emissions caused by the consumption of these resources are causing environmental degradation and are leading to global warming.

Concrete is one of the most sustainable building materials in terms of both energy consumed during manufacture and its inherent thermal mass properties in use.  

As sustainability concerns become ever more a high priority, the cement and concrete industry must make a concerted and co-ordinated effort to further reduce the environmental impact of construction.   This includes the growing use of recycled concrete in cement and concrete manufacture.